Tuesday 10 May 2016

Daily Post #285

Apple Bloom is mad. Why is she mad? Because the comments on this blog are down. I believe this is due to IntenseDebate, not Blogger, so I will be switching this blog's commenting system to Disqus. 

R. I. P. IntenseDebate. You shall be missed.

UPDATE: The comments seem to be working for others. They've completely vanished for me, however. To top it off, Disqus doesn't want to install. Perhaps it is Blogger after all.
In other words, bear with me. I'll try to fix this.

UPDATE 2: If IntenseDebate still works for all of you and you'd prefer to continue commenting with it, then I won't change to Disqus. In the words of Viggo Mortensen, "What say you?" 

UPDATE 3: I found out what the problem was for me and fixed it. Due to IntenseDebate being an "obsolete" commenting system, however, the question from UPDATE 2 still stands: is everyone happy to continue commenting with IntenseDebate?