Friday 31 July 2015

Nightly Post #19

Apple Bloom and her speedy pie delivery service. 

Daily Post #20

Art by Sketchit
Apple Bloom is looking adorable again...

Thursday 30 July 2015

Nightly Post #18

Apple Bloom's eyes have gone derp...

Discussion #16

Apple Bloom looks pretty good in a stetson! Maybe one day she'll start sporting one too!

Discussion down below!

Daily Post #19

Art by Sketchit
Have some more bunny Bloom! She's just so cute!

Wednesday 29 July 2015

Nightly Post #17

Got that, Diamond Tiara? You tell her Apple Bloom!

Discussion #15

Art by Tsitra360
Apple Bloom is ready to serve you! Just be careful what you touch, or she'll make sure you buy it!

Discussion down below!

Daily Post #18

I don't think Apple Bloom likes the hat much. Try again, Rarity.

Tuesday 28 July 2015

Nightly Post #16

Uh oh... I think Apple Bloom has seen something...

Discussion #14

If Apple Bloom gets any more worked up she'll end up pulling a 'Lesson Zero' on us. Now that would be interesting!

Discussion down below!

Daily Post #17

Apple Bloom is fast! Must be all that country air...

Monday 27 July 2015

Nightly Post #15


Discussion #13

Apple Bloom is fascinated by the contents of Zecora's hut. Maybe those two will team up one day... I'm hoping that they do!

Discussion down below!

Daily Post #16

Art by SameAsUsual
Let's all laugh with Apple Bloom! 

Sunday 26 July 2015

Nightly Post #14

Yay! Apple Bloom is back to her usual awesome self! Hugs anyone?

Discussion #12

Nooo! Apple Bloom hasn't forgiven me yet! She can be quite scary when she's angry!

Discuss angry Apple Bloom down below!

Daily Post #15

I've been unexpectedly busy these last couple of days, so apologies for a lack of Apple Bloom posts. She's not very happy with me...

Saturday 25 July 2015

Daily Post #14

I just love how happy she looks in this picture!

Friday 24 July 2015

Nightly Post #13

Art by BlackGryph0n
Apple Bloom's an apple, alright!

Daily Post #13

Apples to the core!

Thursday 23 July 2015

Nightly Post #12

by Flutterflyraptor

Apple Bloom is out to bowl them over! Yes, I made that pun...

(Late) Discussion #11

Oh dear, I forgot the discussion today. Apple Bloom isn't happy. But it's here now, so no harm done, right?

Daily Post #12

I'm surprised that she's not tried this already...

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Nightly Post #11

Apple Bloom is giving us all a lesson in potion making! Pay attention, now, fillies and colts!

Discussion #10

Apple Bloom is lacking inspiration. Maybe we can help her out.

Discussion question: What would you like to see happen in the next Apple Bloom episode?

Daily Post #11

We've always known that Apple Bloom is a talented little filly and this proves it!

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Nightly Post #10

Art by zapsnapples
I don't know if Apple Bloom is pleased with her new socks or not. Either way, she looks adorable.

Discussion #9

Whoa, slow down there Apple Bloom! Just watching her makes me dizzy.

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Daily Post #10

Double figures! Apple Bloom is celebrating her 10th daily post! There's a long wait until triple digits, though.

Monday 20 July 2015

Nightly Post #9 POLL RESULTS

So it looks as if the bow will be claiming the award for best outfit! Apple Bloom doesn't seem to mind, though.

Get the full statistics down below!

Discussion #8

Apple Bloom is making light work of the chores! She's not great at keeping the juice in the barrel, though.

Discussion down below!

Daily Post #9

Apple Bloom is being uncouth!

Sunday 19 July 2015

Nightly Post #8

Apple Bloom sure does know how to fight the fight! And in an awesome costume too!

Discussion #7

We've got to admit it, some of the things she could do with that hoop were amazing!

Discuss loop-de-hooping Apple Bloom down below!

Daily Post #8

We've all seen it before, I know, but I just had to post it at some point. It's simply adorable!

Saturday 18 July 2015

Nightly Post #7

Art by Neko-me
Apple Bloom wants you to buy some cider!

Discussion #6

With both her chores and all that crusading to get through, no wonder Apple Bloom is feeling tired!

Does she sleep with sass, or not? Discuss!

Daily Post #7

Art by uotapo
Apple Bloom has many things to deal with. An overprotective sister is one of them.

Friday 17 July 2015

Nightly Post #6

Art by lumelya
Wow! Apple Bloom looks like she's come out of a Miyazaki epic!

Discussion #5

When Apple Bloom is happy, it makes us all happy too! She's a filly that we can't help but smile with!

As usual, discussion down below!

Daily Post #6

by Flareblitzfury
Apple Bloom is tired of waiting for that cutie mark...

Thursday 16 July 2015

Nightly Post #5

Art by Skecchiart
Apple Bloom is safe with her siblings!

Discussion #4

Yep! It's Bunny Bloom! The bunny suit may not be dominating the poll on the sidebar, but it sure is cute!

Discussion down below!

Daily Post #5

Staring contest? Apple Bloom wins!

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Nighlty Post #4

Shhhh! Apple Bloom is sleeping!

Discussion #3

D'aww just look at that! Apple Bloom doesn't need anypony watchin' over her! She can take care of things herself!

Now go discuss Apple Bloom down below!

Daily Post #4

Art by AlloyRabbit
That's right, Kif! Giant Apple Bloom has arrived...

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Nightly Post #3

The scourge of Equestria's apple orchards...

Discussion #2

Don't you just want to run over there and comfort her? Poor Apple Bloom...

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